We can create stunning content for your social media platforms. Through images and video we can capture eye catching content that will boost the engagement on your accounts leading to more attention which then leads to more traffic. In terms of video we are able to create pieces in a variety of styles.

Different styles of video:

Short & aesthetic:

An attention grasping video. Using engaging sound design and tempting visuals to attract a viewing in to watching the full video straight from the first scene.

Effective for displaying a good or service. Even the most seemingly boring goods and services can be made interesting through film.

Example of our work below:

Long form:

Longer informative videos. Filmed with a larger goal in mind of informing customers.

Effective for store tours, product break down, Business events and promotion.

Example of our work below:

Voice Over:

A more personalized informative style. With voice over from a person of your choice.

Effective for sales videos and video pitches. Promotional videos with a professional focus.

Example of our work below:

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